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Interested in sharing your experiences?  Then join the conversation by sending your post in an email to the Student Voices administrator, Emily Cronauer at  Include “Guest Post” in your subject line and if your post meets our guidelines we will happily add it to the blog!

Topics should be related to aspects of the student internship or job experience,  but other topics will be considered at the discretion of the administrator.   All guest posts must meet the following writing parameters or it will not be published to the blog:

  • Topics should be  based on your own experiences as as NIU Business student.
  • Proofread your document (we will not edit or correct your work).
  • No hate speech, inappropriate or inflammatory language or topic.
  • Length:  The body of the post can be as short/long as you like!


  • Name (first is fine)
  • Photo
  • URL to your blog (if you have one)

We don’t edit submissions, but we do reserve the right not to post every submission.  The best way to ensure your post gets published is to follow the writing parameters!


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